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Aug 27th

8-27  鉴于单程伊朗ip问题 8.28-8.29日对212.95.144段跟美西高防段进行合并 届时机器会出现关机断网极其更换ip 美西高防段不影响正常使用

Notice on network emergency maintenance of 88 and 87 computer rooms in the early morning of March 18

Márc 18th

Dear user      Hello, thank you for your long-term trust and support. In order to provide you with more stable and fast network services, our company is scheduled to carry out emergency maintenance on the network of 88 section 87 computer rooms from 23:30-00:30 a.m. on March 18, 2020. At that time, there will be 2-4 times of disconnection ... Több... »